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This is the official website of Do-Biz cookies, a family owned and operated company!   

Whether you want to bake our famous cookies at home or visit a local shop to pick up a dozen for the office, we'll help you find your favorites. After all, cookie lovers have been choosing Do-Biz cookies since 1982. It's the quality of our ingredients that sets us apart and you can be assured that we still use the same special recipes and superior ingredients that you've always enjoyed.  But, don't take our word for it....

"As a Bed and Breakfast owner I love surprising my guests with delicious, home baked treats, but honestly, even I don't always have time to do everything from scratch.   Luckily, I can stash a tube or two of your delicious dough in the refrigerator and just slice and bake some yummy "almost" home made cookies.   The smell lures guests out of their rooms and typically a nice fellowship of tea and cookies follows.   Of course, if no one asks, I let them assume I have been slaving away in the kitchen to bake these amazing cookies....but when they do inquire about my recipes, I am always proud to confess that a local Iowa company makes them!   Iowa Peaceful Haven B&B - Life is better doing business "Do-Biz" way!"

-Susan (Des Moines, IA)


"Having just tasted these cookies several weeks ago, we simply can't get enough!!  The ingredients and flavor are second to none!  They truly do taste homemade!  The price is as exceptional as the product.  Thank you for bringing this deliciousness to Omaha, NE!."

Gloria (Omaha, NE)

"My introduction to Do-Biz was during the early '90s at Iowa State..."Tuesday Twofers" are a delicious college memory.  Years later, we became aware of Do-Biz cookie dough being sold in Ames HyVee and started making deliberate dough stops on the way home to KC...styrofoam cooler, ice, and dough...lots of dough.  Taking my Do-Biz obsession a step further, I started following the Do-Biz Facebook page and saw they were spreading to other HyVee stores across Iowa...suddenly three hours south to my local Missouri HyVee seemed a possibility.  So my email crusade began; it even includes a chance in-person run-in with Alex at the Ames HyVee ("when will these be in Lee's Summit, MO"..."are you Candy?"..."are you Alex?").   Finally they're here...our favs are Garbage Great and Chocolate Overdose...we make the original giant cookies from our college days at our house.   My husband thinks with all my emails, Facebook posts, and this testimonial, our free year supply is surely just around the corner. ;)"

-Candy (Lee's Summit, MO)


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